The Opera of Sherlock Holmes

A blog dedicated to writing the opera from bendingsignpost's fanfic Bel Canto.

Welcome to The Opera of Sherlock Holmes!

This is a group blog dedicated to the collaborative writing of Sherlock’s opera from bendingsignpost's fanfic Bel Canto.

What’s Bel Canto?

Here’s Ben’s (the author’s) summary: “After years of waiting for wealthy patrons to faint, Dr John Watson discovers a far more interesting patient in the opera house basement. (AU through a Phantom of the Opera lens.)” 

It’s quite amazing (whether or not you ship Johnlock). Go read it now!

Basically, Sherlock writes an opera and John helps him do it. What we’re going to do is attempt to write the opera itself. Everybody is welcome to contribute, regardless of musical or compositional background!

What do I need to do to help with the actual composition of the opera?

First, read Bel Canto. Seriously, do it now.

Second, request to join the blog (send me your email address via ask) and go download Musescore. It’s a free music notation program that also has a website for users to share scores. We’re going to use this tumblr and the score-sharing website as platforms for collaboration.

After you have done both of those things, make an account on and join the musescore group Bel Canto Opera Project.

Then…we write some music! :D Alternatively, if you don’t want to use musescore, you can record yourself playing/singing/humming what you came up with and submitting it to the blog.

(Come on, people! I can’t do this all by myself….)

What do I need to do to help with non-compositional parts of the opera (the libretto)?

To help with the libretto, just follow and/or become a member of the blog. We need people to 1) write the dialogue in English (ie. what Ben has done for the confrontation scene between the soldier and the captain towards the end of ch 3 of Bel Canto), and 2) translate the dialogue into Italian.

Why contribute?

Because where else is Sherlock Holmes a composer of opera? Also, keeping classical music alive, and with the Sherlock fandom, no less. (And for you music majors out there, composition practice.)

Current project: Overture and Act 2 scene 2

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